Nutrition as Medicine


  1. Please Comment After Trying a Recipe

    Your comment will be more useful to others if you've already tried the recipe.

  2. We use only Great recipes

    Almost everyone should be successful with your recipe, especially busy people who may not be used to cooking. We're selective. You can post a new recipe under ‘Recipes In Development’ if you're not absolutely sure about it.

  3. We use healthy ingredients.

    For health reasons, please do not submit recipes that include dairy, red meat, poultry or fish, and generally steer clear of added oil, refined flour, sugar and processed foods.

  4. We Emphasize Easy Recipes

    … with ingredients that are easy to find (with some exceptions, such as nutritional yeast).    Consider encouraging readers to be flexibile & creative with your recipe.  There are sections for more time-consuming recipes if they're especially good.

  5. Your submission may be edited or removed

    . . . modified, commented on or moved to a new location, maybe to ‘Recipes In Development’  (which is a good place to post recipes).  Another user may need to test and rate your recipe before it ends up in one of the main sections.

  6. No promotion please

    . . . of commercial products or services (although participants can include a link to their website in their profile).

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