Potato Wedges*

Potato Wedges

Use either sweet potatoes or Russet white potatoes.

Cook whole by any method (microwaved, boiled, baked) until slightly soft (ideally about 80 – 90% done).

Allow to cool which makes them easier to cut without falling apart. 
Cut with a wet knife into wedges.    (The wet knive also makes them easier to cut without falling apart).

Place wedges on a plate where you will sprinkle seasonings on them (and keep the excess seasonings out of the baking pan).
Add seasonings while wedges are still wet, or sprinkle some water on the potatoes first, so the seasonings will stick.

(See Below for seasoning suggestions)

Place seasoned wedges, skin-side down, on a baking tray. 

You will need a small amount of oil on the tray to prevent sticking (*very* small amount with a non-stick baking tray).  Or you can use parchment paper in the baking tray, but don't let the edges of the paper get near the broiler or they may catch fire).

Broil until surface starts to get crispy.

White Potato Seasoning Ideas:

For the white potatoes:
(optional): Salt, especially seasoned salt.  This is optional and the original recipe does not call for salt.  However, most people seem to like some salt on their white potatoes (sweet potatoes don't seem to need any)   ...and...
paprika  (for flavor and especially color), or
garlic powder, or
old bay seasoning  (note: salt is the main ingredient)
chili powder, or
black pepper, or
combinations of the above

Sweet Potato Seasoning Ideas:
(Note: sweet potatoes don't require salt)
(optional):  sprinkle with orange juice and/or brandy 
curry powder,  or 
pumpkin pie spice  (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger), or

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