Potato Bean Burgers



Modified from Wendy Solganik:  Healthy Girl's Kitchen

After trying possibly a dozen veggie/bean burger recipes, including the Jeff Novick and Rip Esselstyn versions, these are my favorite (probably because of the potatoes).  I like to eat them without a bun, cut into pieces, with a dash of hot sauce or hot-pepper relish, alongside brown rice or corn, or especially cut up in a stir fry.  These are a staple that I rely on almost every week; I get a little nervous if some of these are not in my freezer.  They microwave fast if you forget to defrost them.   They're hearty and satisfying.  I usually make three batches at a time, and freeze them in 2-cup Pyrex glass containers, which holds them perfectly.  

The following spice mixture is the result of some taste tests, different from the original curry powder version.  (If you find a spice combo that you like better, please let me know).      

SINGLE RECIPE   Makes 12 burgers  (3 1/2 to 4" diameter, which fit in 2-cup Pyrex containers)


1 15-oz can no salt added kidney beans, drained = 10 oz (drained) = 1.5 cups (drained)
1 15-oz can no salt added garbanzo beans, drained  = 10 oz (drained) = 1.5 cups (drained)
1 cup rolled oats,  (i.e. "old fashioned oats" or "Quaker Oats;"  -This is the binding ingredient, so don't skimp)
1 cup cooked mashed potatoes
2 teaspoons cumin powder (or seeds)   (If you have the seeds you can toast them briefly in a dry frying pan to to develop the flavor: optional)
1 teaspoon coriander powder (or seeds)
1.5 teaspoons garam masala
1/8th - 1/4 teaspoons ground red pepper flakes or cayenne pepper (most people prefer 1/8th teaspoon). 
OPTIONAL:   2 teaspoons of Benson's Table Tasty (a salt-free seasoning similar to "Mrs. Dash" only better, available online). 
1/2 cup canned or fresh diced tomatoes.

(parchment paper for broiling)


•    With a potato masher, partially mash the kidney beans, transfer to a larger bowl, then partially mash the garbanzo beans, then combine all the mashed beans.    (Don't use a food processor which gives the wrong consistency).        

•    Add all remaining ingredients and stir.  

Cut parchment paper to fit a baking pan (or the edges might burn).   Form into patties and broil at a High setting for approximately 7 minutes on the first side (or until done), turn them over and broil approximately 4 minutes on the second side (or until done). Watch them like a hawk.  They will start to blacken a little, which gives a good texture if not too much.   Once you learn how long it takes in your oven, you can use a stopwatch.


VARIATION ONE on 12-19-14  
ALSO:   Omit garam marsala,  add 1 TBSP chili powder, 1/2 teasp black pepper, and decrease kidney beans from 2 cans to 1 can in this double-recipe.  (2 seemed like too many).   ADD 1 cup chopped fresh parsley (could use more),  5 large pressed garlic cloves (could use more)  1 can = 1.5 cup of diced tomatoes.    

Salt, salt substitute, or neither, as desired.
I realize most readers have never used 'Table Tasty,' my favorite salt substitute, available online.  In this recipe I used 4 teaspoons;  Comparison taste test shows the Table Tasty is a definite improvement vs. no Table Tasty. 
Or use a small amount of salt to taste instead of Table Tasty, or you can omit both.  
It's better with parsley, could use more.  1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder for this Double recipe seems about right to me, maybe could use more (but I like it hot). 

VARIATION TWO on 12-25-14
FOR DOUBLE recipe -  DOUBLE THE QUANTITIES IN THE SINGLE RECIPE.  ALSO, omit garam marsala, add 1 teaspoon curry (in addition to the cumin and coriander).   Use 2 cups chopped fresh parsley, 3/4 teasp black pepper.  Decrease mashed potatoes to 1.5 cups (from 2 cups in this double recipe).  
Comparison test:  I divided this double-recipe in half:  
To one half, I added 2 teasp garlic powder, 2 TBSP onion flakes,  1 TBSP  'Table Tasty'
To the other half, I added no garlic powder, 4 TBSP onion flakes, 1 TBSP 'Table Tasty'
The second half was a little better, but both are great.  

(Note:  you can substitute salt for Table Tasty, or use neither, still delicious).  


FYI, on a recommendation I tried Southwest Veggie Burgers
http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipe/southwest-veggie-burgers which use sweet potatoes.  To me, the sweet-potato taste and sweetness was too much, and not burger-like.  Also, they did not hold together.   Like I said, I've tried at least a dozen and I keep coming back to this entry.    -    Dr. Joe

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They are fantastic. I didn’t have diced tomatoes, I added a little over 1/3 cup of tomato sauce. I also put everything but the peas in the food processor. They came out sticky like another burger recipe i’ve made, so I baked them for 30 minutes because they wouldn’t firm up on the stove. They are really good. Thank you!
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