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How to make a "page jump" within your content

This is a how-to on 'page jumping' within your Nation.

To begin with, you'll need to use the code below to make a page jump possible:

<a href="#codeword">Words you want to click on to jump</a>

<a name="codeword">


Let's use the example of the Spectrum of Food Choices page jump.

In the back end, go to the content and click on the 'html' button in the content editor navigation.

The text was 'Additional Modifications for more Rapid Weight Loss'

Therefore to use the text: Additional Modifications for more Rapid Weight Loss is the "codeword". Meaning you will need to use it twice to make it effective. After the codeword, anything between > and </a> will be blue and the click-able text. You can continue your sentence after closing off the hyperlink (with </a>)

<a href="#Additional%20Modifications%20for%20more%20Rapid%20Weight%20Loss">Jump to the bottom of the page</a> for more modifications for more rapid weight loss)

Now go to where you want your jump to be and after the text "Additional Modifications for more Rapid Weight Loss' you can immediately put <a name="Additional Modifications for more Rapid Weight Loss"> Calling to the "codeword" to direct the link jump.

Save and viola! You have now made your own page jump.





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