Nutrition as Medicine

Lining images up side-by-side

Click through to see the code I used for the tofu towel images. Basically, you surround each image in a div with a width of 25% (this may change depending on how many images you have). Make sure that div is also floating to the left. Then, make the images 100% of that width, and be sure to add a clear div at the end so it's not breaking the rest of your page.

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Add intro text to recipe category pages

To modify, go to pages > home > [recipe category; e.g. quick_recipes] > template and add/update/change as indicated in the template file.

This is the code section you will be modifying:


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How to pull recipe categories

This post explains how to pull a list of suggestions/recipes from a subpage/category.

Cabbage Bean Casserole (aka Hearty Salad Bowl) * Casserole / Salad Bowl Variations* No-Recipe Bowls* Potatoes

"recipe_index_home" is a template located in the files section of the theme. "food_without_recipes" is the subpage/cateogry that is being pulled up in this case. This will output an unordered list with all the suggestions/recipes in that category.

In order to output all categories and their recipes, include "recipe_index_by_category" (located in the files section of the theme).

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How to make a "page jump" within your content

This is a how-to on 'page jumping' within your Nation.

To begin with, you'll need to use the code below to make a page jump possible:

<a href="#codeword">Words you want to click on to jump</a>

<a name="codeword">


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