Hearty Salad Bowl - Some More Options*

Hearty Salad Bowl - More Options

(This version emphasizes the stir-fry,  rice and/or beans and/or cole-slaw possibilities)


  • (There’s usually nothing “fried,” but sometimes ingredients are cooked in a frying pan without oil).
  • This is a staple, indispensable, with endless variations, and absolutely delicious.  I make this almost every day.
  • Often “rice and beans” is the starting point, but it might be (whole wheat) pasta and beans, potato and beans, or beans by themselves, or maybe just cabbage with no beans, as the starting point.
  • Cole Slaw is a simple version of this: shredded cabbage, carrots, dressing  (maybe with a few beans,  pasta or rice, etc. – or maybe just cabbage, sweet onions and dressing).
  • Everything here is optional and can be mixed and matched.  Some of my more common ingredients: Brown rice, beans, cut-up tomatoes, raw purple or sweet onion and some dressing – is all you need: delicious.
  • Cooked corn kernels are a *delicious* addition.   (Steamed frozen corn kernals).
  • Starch is a comfort food, so one or more of the following healthy unrefined carbohydrates may hit the spot: brown rice, corn (like I mentioned), cut-up potatoes (delish, maybe add them near the end already or almost cooked, since they tend to stick on the frying pan), whole wheat pasta (not quite as healthy but a little goes a long way)
  • Tomatoes pieces.
  • Raw onions (purple, or Vidalia “sweet” onions) are my most common added veggies.
  • Cooked (yellow) onions.   Be careful not to over-cook, they should still be crunchy.  Recommend frying for one or two minutes on one side in a non-stick pan, without stirring, until brown on one side.
  • Steamed veggie pieces like broccoli, squash, etc.
  • chopped parsley or cilantro
  • Sliced mushrooms sautéed in advance, without oil or salt, in a non-stick pan.
  • Greens!   Shredded or chopped raw greens: cabbage, collard greens, kale, etc. makes this much                                  healthier!  Can be lightly cooked or raw.  (Cabbage is especially good raw).
  • Crunch!   Raw Vidalia onions are crunchy (they have to be sweet enough to eat raw;  some “sweet” onions are too strong to be eaten raw, but purple or especially Vidalia can reliably be eaten raw.  Carrots or water chestnuts add crunch.   
  • Nuts or raisins to the rescue.  Nuts are always delicious and always make this taste even better, you don’t need many.  Be careful if you’re trying to lose weight.  Likewise with avocado or raisins, also calorie dense – but delicious.
  • I’ve learned to love this without salt or oil.  Beginners can try adding salt or oil, but will soon learn they’re not needed.  I don’t cook the rice or beans with salt anymore, but beginners may want to use some salt when cooking rice.
  • A cooking principle is that things taste better in combination.
  • It's important to prepare some basic ingredients in advance and keep on hand (in the freezer), such as multiple 2-cup Pyrex containers of cooked brown rice, and beans.

For photos and examples:              http://www.nutritionasmedicine.org/drjoe/no_recipe_thrown_together_stir_fry_things


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