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The Original Boca Burger*

In supermarkets everywhere in the frozen section, this particular brand is extremely tasty.  Among the store-bought veggie burgers, it's the only one that's truly low in fat.  Only 5 of the 70 calories per pattie are from fat.  

It's high in sodium, but fat content is most important to people trying to lose weight, people with heart disease and diabetes.

This is a processed food, and if you plan ahead you can make home-made veggie burgers in bulk that you can freeze for later use.  Your home-made burgers are lower in sodium, higher in fiber, and are 100% good for you. 

However, these are quick, satisfying & "meaty," especially with bread or a hamburger role with relish, mustard, hot sauce, sliced tomatoe or onion, etc.   They're also good cut up without the bread.  It may not be perfect, but like other transition foods, there may be days when you're glad it's in the freezer when you need it.

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