Quick and Fancy Brown Rice*













Cook 1 cup brown rice by your favorite method
To the cooked rice, add any combination of whatever you have around.

Some ideas:

¼ cup cooked frozen peas
¼ cup cut-up & pan-roasted almonds
¼ cup raisins or dried currents
2 bunches of *very lightly* sautéed scallions
Some mild raw onion, chopped
A handful of raw chopped cabbage
Some beans (yum) - if canned: drained & rinsed
etc. etc. etc.  (just a few of these ingredients will be fancy enough).

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Versatile recipe. You can cook a lot of brown rice and eat it several times a week, but always have a different dish by changing what you add to it. Other whole grains could also be used, such as barley or bulgur.
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