Lemon Tahini Dressing*


Dr. Joe:  I first encountered this in a delicious meal at the 'One World Cafe' in Baltimore, with tofu and roasted veggies.  FYI www.Food.Com has a recipe for this.

It's fabulous on veggies, veggie-burgers, and salad, including cole slaw.  I'm sort of shocked that some vegans consume "vegennaise," which is basically oil, in an effort to recreate the beloved mayonnaise, but this is far tastier and far healthier!  

Tahini (sesame seed paste) is an ingredient for other recipes.  When you buy it in a glass jar you can see that the oil has separated and risen to the top. You're expected to mix this back in, a slightly messy process.  I strongly recommend that you dump the oil down the drain, and mix it up with water instead.  The resulting 'low-fat tahini' still has some fat, but dramatically less, and tastes fabulous.  The low-fat version doesn't keep as long; I sometimes divide it into small containers stored in the fridge or freezer -  since I always want to keep them handy.   In a pinch you can thaw them in the microwave on a low setting.


Lemon or lime juice - stirred up until the right consistency is achievedgarlic powder
ground pepper

garlic powder
dried dill weed
salt (optional)

Mix ingredients until smooth. 
You usually will not need a blender (or an immersion blender) but occasionally it might be needed.

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You can adjust the ingredients to your personal taste.
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