Toasted Hummus Tortillas*


Inspired by Forks Over Knives (the book);  originally from Elise Murphy - T. Colin Campbell Foundation

The crunch of toasted tortilla complements the hummus perfectly.  The tortilla makes this a comfort food (careful not to over-do it)!   And it's a portable finger food as well: clean, neat, and perfect to bring to a meeting or pot-luck. These freeze well and defrost in seconds in the microwave.  Keep them around and you'll never be caught without something reasonably healthy to eat ever again. 

Here's some background if you care to know:  There was a recipe for this in the book 'Forks Over Knives,' ("Easy Quesadillas") which I thought needed to be simplified & modified it.  It included chick peas, nutritional yeast, and had a southwester flavor.  I made it many times, but was never completely satisfied with the filling.   Meanwhile I discovered some hummus variations that I really loved, and realized it was better, and easier, with just hummus as the filling.  Once again, the KISS principle is confirmed!  (Keep It Simple, Stupid). 


Your favorite home-made hummus    See some variations HERE
whole-wheat tortillas


Spread hummus on a tortilla, and cover it with another tortilla.

Dry-fry the tortilla in a non-stick pan until both sides are brown.  It's OK if they're a little bit blackened: they're crunchier this way.    Remove from pan and cut them into wedges.

Note that additions to the filling like cilantro leaves, chopped raw sweet onion, or salsa, sound like brilliant ideas, but they tend to cause the tortillas to not stick together, or become too watery in the case of salsa.

(As mentioned, these freeze very well, but when defrosted they've lost their crunch, FYI - still great, though, and you should definitely freeze them). 


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