All Purpose Oil-Free Dressing*

(For salads, stir-fries, veggies, potatoes, tofu, etc.) 


  • This dressing is for salads, veggies, tofu, stir-fries and "bowls" of various kinds.
  • The ratio of vinegar to tamari (or soy sauce) seems to be about 3 to 1 or 4 to 1.
  • We usually mix it up on the spot in the bottom of the bowl of whatever we're making.  Or you can keep some in the fridge; a 1 cup Pyrex container with a lid is handy. 
  • Tahini is a seed butter (ingredients: ground sesame seeds).  We recommend that, right after purchasing, you pour off the extra oil that has risen to the top.  Tahini seems to be particularly delicious, but you could use nut butters in it's place, such as walnut butter, almond butter, etc. 
  • With a spice grinder you can grind up help seeds, chia seeds, etc. and make your own seed butter. 
  • For something sweet, soaked, blended dates, or "date sugar" (available in healthfood stores = ground up dates) is an option, but doesn't seem necessary to us.    
  • A manual squeeze-type citrus juicer is quicker than the type where you rotate the fruit on the juicer.
  • For garlic, you can mince garlic or use a garlic press, which makes a more mixable garlic, but garlic powder is OK too. 
  • Balsamic and rice vinegar are a little sweeter (about 20 cals/TBS), compared to other vinegars (0 cals/TBS).

BASIC DRESSING INGREDIENTS:   (Note: quantities are arbitrary and much more than you would need for one salad) 

3 – 4 TBSP of balsamic vinegar or lemon or lime juice (preferably fresh)
1 TBSP of tamari or soy sauce 

STOP RIGHT THERE – the other ingredients are optional.  But if you want . . . 

OPTIONAL:  Several garlic cloves processed through a garlic press
OPTIONAL: Several TBSP of tahini
OPTIONAL: small amount of prepared dijon mustard (not too much!)
OPTIONAL:  A small amount of grated or diced raw ginger can be interesting.  (Not too much!)
NOTE:  Some people add something sweet to dressings, like agave, sugar, ground fruit, or dates (see above), but really not needed. 


Mix the ingredients together

(Toss with your salad / food a little-at-a-time to avoid adding too much).



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